Bricolages et contre-cultures à l’ère de la reproductibilité technique, 1950-1970

Cinéma et vidéo expérimentale

Introduction et modération : Enrico Camporesi et Jonathan Pouthier (MNAM/Centre Pompidou)

10h00 – Milo Adami (Università La Sapienza, Rome): « Antonello Branca et le documentaire comme happening »

10h30 – Diane Barbe (Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle) : « Contre-cinéma » à Berlin dans les années 1960 et 1970 Focus sur l’oeuvre militante et féministe d’Helke Sander »

11h30 – Pause- café

11h45 – Rinaldo Censi (Università di Bologna) : « “I don’t like films with fixed images, I filmed this one in protest to the genre it belongs to”. Notes on Piero Bargellini’s Questo film è dedicato a David Riesman e s’intitolerà “Capolavoro” »

―It’s a film of fixed images, it’s almost completely composed of non-original photographic material: well-known, widely-seen [Actually, I really made this film for only one reason: to try out my new H8 RX] and worn-out, because they have been published in magazines like L’Espresso and Playboy. In the same way, the soundtrack comes from radio and TV, from the song industry. The film is an attempt to restore a level of pure denotation – or to give a different connotation – to images that are strongly connoted [I don’t like films with fixed images, I filmed this one in protest to the genre it belongs to] and by now so widely seen that they have lost their meaning or have been burdened with too much meaning, which is basically the same thing. [This is almost a biographical confession: a film about my ideology.] This means: editing, the camera’s movements, the lightning, the rhythm, the lack of rhythm, interruptions in the rhythm, contrasts, discursive argumentation… [long live Jerry Lewis] The starting point is David Riesman, history [Mussolini and Mein Kampf] and mass civilization; afterwards: the beats and the Beatles, motorcycles and miniskirts, publicity, poetry, cortoons, cinema, etc. etc., all the way to the end. «And What about you? I’m in love and she doesn’t love me.‖

12h30 – Discussion

Après-midi : visite FabLab

Stéphanie Rivoire

Cheffe du pôle Fonds et collections - Bibliothèque Kandinsky - MNAM/CCI

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